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Why curved kish graphite is important




The cloth-like structure to the left is one of the many surprising forms curved melt-grown graphite can assume.  The large-scale image shows the splat-cooled nickel drop where the "cloth" and other dendritic graphene structures formed.  This cloth-like structure and other novel graphitic artifacts displayed on this website give a hint of what might be made from single, unbroken graphite crystals.  By imposing suitable wrinkles on otherwise conventional graphite, we might make "effective composites", or materials that mimic commercially available carbon-carbon composites[19] mechanically, but have additional desirable properties.  Raman spectroscopy data for some curved melt-grown graphite samples reveals this material tends to have a low density of graphene edges.  Curved kish graphite may thus prove useful as an oxidation-resistant and impermeable structural material.


graphene "cloth" precipitated from nickel






splat-cooled nickel with "cloth" and other dendritic structures





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