curved kish vs.other carbons

Melt-grown curved graphite crystals
optical micrograph of graphene origami formation
a versatile source of novel carbon materials


graphene origami wrinkle



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kish graphite--carbon precipitated from molten iron, nearly ideal graphite




graphene "cloth" precipitated from nickel




schematic of root-grown MCNT
About the following SEM image galleries:  This work explores a gap in the field of carbon materials.  Metal catalysts have facilitated the synthesis of a wide range of graphitic materials for decades.  At one end of the range is nearly ideal kish graphite, which is composed of large, flat, highly oriented graphene layers[1].  Fullerenes, on the other hand, contain graphene of nanometer-scale curvature[2,3].  Between the extremes of conventional graphite and fullerenes, we may anticipate an immense variety of carbons in which the graphene molecules have an intermediate degree of curvature.  The following galleries present an assortment of the intermediate-curvature graphites precipitated from iron, nickel and cobalt, so far.